Models Sonata, Santa Fe, Trajet / Magentis Capacity 2 Type DOHC
  • G4JP Contract Gasoline Engine

    Contract engine model G4JP of the Sirius family for Hyunda Sonata 4, 5 (new ef of Tagaz assembly inclusive), Santa Fe, Trajet 2.0 liter, 16 valve (dohc - two camshafts) with attachments assembled

    Detailed information:
    Model engine G4JP - Sirius (Surius);
    Horsepower 131-137
    Engine volume - 2.0 liters;
    The presence of cylinders - 4;
    Valves in the amount of 16 pieces. 16 vl DOHC;
    Manufacturer - South Korea;

    Applies to the following cars:
    Engine (internal combustion engine) Hyundai Sonata 5 new ef Tagaz (Hyundai Sonata 5);
    Engine (internal combustion engine) Hyundai Sonata 4 ef (Hyundai Sonata 4);
    Engine (internal combustion engine) Hyundai Santa fe CM Tagaz (Hyundai Santa fe)
    Engine (internal combustion engine) Hyundai Trajet (Hyundai trajet);
    Engine (ICE) Kia MAGENTIS (Kia MAGENTIS) of the first generation;
    Engine (internal combustion engine) Kia OPTIMA (Kia OPTIMA) Korean version of the first generation Kia Magentis;


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